Customer Testimonials

VU Studios-about us

Jimmy Stanley
Moonstone's top recording artist!
"I have never felt more at home than when I was trackin' at VU. They treat you right and make your music come alive."
VU Studios has many happy Clients! See what they have to say...

VU Studios-about us Gilbert Downs
"Thanks VU Studios! I just went Gold with my last album! You guys did it again!"

The Stick Figures

 / \
Englands hottest new wave rockers check out their new relase "Pozed"
Mixed here at VU Studios

Wiffle Tree Blute
Wiffle Tree Blute These two guys are fantastic! Having started their careers at VU Stuidos the two members are still waiting for their big break! "VU is going to be there for us, We know it!"

News Flash!
Sergeant Stadanko!
Records his famous public service speech here at VU Studios
"Where else?" Sarg says.. "VU Studios is the backbone of our city!"

VU Studios-about us Wink Dinkerson
Huston's leading On Air Personality. "You make my voice overs sound flawless. I demand VU!!"

VU Studios-about us

Blind Melon Chitlin
Chart bustin' Hit...
Goin' Downtown!
When asked about his VU Studios experience Blind Melon exclaimed! "UUUUhhhh Yawwww!!" Now THAT says it all!!